Through the Valley

There are moments in our lives when we will be faced with the decision of going around or going through something difficult. The decision we make will impact us deeply, on a soul-level. Going around the tough thing is the easier choice because in it we can avoid facing our pain and facing our fears. We can avoid humbling ourselves and acknowledging there is room for growth in our life, and we can avoid the reality that we are actually in the valley. We may even need the valley, but we don’t want it and we certainly don’t want to admit our possible need for it. 

God Can Bless Us Through the Valley

God can use the valley to show us areas of our life in which we don’t trust Him. Psalm 23:4 says “Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me.” How many times have I walked through a valley full of fear? Full of fear about the future, and with thoughts like “what’s the next hard thing that is going to happen to me?” Although when it rains, it can pour, that’s not how it always happens. And besides, the rain always brings blessing. 

Do you believe God is with you? Right now? Do you believe He is walking with you through the valley, and not expecting you to get yourself through it or walk around it? 

We Have to Choose: Around or Through?

Walking around the valley might mean numbing ourselves with food, busyness, or TV. It might mean putting on a strong face and never acknowledging the pain and difficulty of our current situation. 

Walking through the valley means acknowledging the pain and fears. It means walking with God even when you cannot make sense of His plans or ways. 

To walk through something difficult means we can rest assured that we will be whole in the next season God has prepared for us. We must walk through the valley and not around it, in order to have true healing and peace once God leads us to our next mountaintop.